Crocodilian Attack Mitigation

Saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) and freshwater crocodiles (C. johnstoni) side-by-side along the Daly River, NT, Australia. 

Virtually all crocodilian attacks in developed countries (e.g., Australia, Singapore and the United States) are avoidable if simple common sense is used and rules are followed while in crocodilian habitat. In developing regions, however, it may be extremely unlikely to eliminate the risk of attack entirely. This is due to the fact that people in many of these countries rely on local waterways and beaches for their livelihoods and basic domestic needs. Plumbing or otherwise safe access to freshwater is lacking in many areas and fishermen often use unsafe methods (such as net-fishing in waist-deep water or spearfishing) and small, easily capsized boats. Despite these challenges, attacks in the number of attacks in these regions CAN be minimized. The following are just some of the crocodilian attack mitigation strategies that are currently utilized, as well as some that may prove useful in the future.

Crocodilian Warning Signs
Crocodile Exclusion Enclosures (CEEs)
Crocodilian Safety Awareness & Education

The Future of Crocodilian Attack Mitigation